5 tips for optimizing your CTAs

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CTA, an acronym for Call to Action, is an effective way to engage your clients & prospects.
You are used to seeing it as it will be on your commercial site (especially product sheets), in your emails or on your social networks.
We are going to look at the many ways of getting best value from the performance of your CTA.

What is a CTA?


The Call to Action is a tool that can take several forms (button, word, phrase or image) and that allows you to invite your prospects & clients to carry out a specific action (click on a link, buy, fill in a form, make contact, etc.).

What objectives does it help to achieve?

The Call to Action helps you to increase your target’s commitment and improve your conversion rate (sales but also increase the number of shop/newsletter subscribers).

It is a multifunctional tool that makes your content dynamic and enables you to create interactions with your customers & prospects.

Tip 1: Present clear and easily understandable content

To maximize the efficiency of your CTAs, be as clear as possible when writing your messages (newsletters, automated emails, SMS, etc.).
It is important that your customers & prospects can understand them in less than 10 seconds and are therefore tempted to click quickly on your CTAs.
Obviously, your texts must have a direct relationship with the CTA you choose to use.

When writing your emails and newsletters, your choice of subject will also be essential to achieve your goals and get your target audience to click on your Call to Action.

Tip 2: Choose action verbs

In addition to writing your messages clearly, we recommend that you use action verbs for your CTAs.
Choose personalized expressions like “I love it”, “I’m in”, “Take advantage of the offer” rather than expressions like “Click here”, “Find out more” or “Go to the website”.

Opt for short and punchy messages that can be read easily and quickly and, above all, there should be only one action to be carried out by CTA.

Newletter Fnac

For commercial events such as promotions, you can play on the sense of urgency, especially if your stocks are limited.
This is a sales technique regularly used by e-commerce giants and works very well.
Urgency and scarcity are elements that lead most of us to what is called in psychology the FOMO or fear of missing out (source : neocamino.com)
To maximize the impact of this type of message, do not hesitate to use cross-selling to offer products tailored to the profile of your customers.

Tip 3: Give your CTAs a strategic positioning

Location is a determining factor with a great influence on the click-through rate (CTR), so it is essential to carry out some good research to optimize the efficiency of your CTAs.

As you probably know, there is an exact reading direction behavior that has been examined in several marketing studies.
In France, it is considered that content will be viewed from left to right and top to bottom (as you can see on the diagram below).
It is also considered that the reader’s eye will focus more on the right side of a document.

Visuel marketing provenant de l’agence Mediagora

We therefore recommend that you position your CTAs at the top of your content.
In addition, it is important to position them above the waterline, i.e. on the first part of the page that appears on the screen, before the user has to start scrolling down.

Tip 4: Give your CTAs optimum visibility

The aim of a Call to Action button is obviously to be as visible as possible in order to quickly engage your prospects & customers.
A number of parameters should be taken into account to easily optimize this visibility.

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Don’t overlook the size of your CTAs

Of course, a visible CTA is a CTA with an important place in your texts.
However, be careful not to go overboard by designing buttons that are too large and which will be misinterpreted and considered aggressive & unattractive by your target audience.

Play on color & contrast

To achieve your conversion targets, consider playing on the color of your CTAs.Home page Kazidomi

Don’t forget to use a color in line with your brand style guide so as to maintain a sense of harmony and coherence across all your communication media.
Whenever possible, choose a bright and attractive color to attract the attention of your target audience.

Make your CTAs “alive”.

To make your CTAs more dynamic, you can also choose to animate them as if they were GIFs.
A button, a message or an animated visual will immediately catch the eye of your prospects & customers.

You can also include a GIF visual associated with a CTA to encourage action.

CTA animé Captain Contrat

Tip 5: Test your CTAs

This is a recurring piece of advice that we will give you throughout our articles. In addition to all your marketing messages, make sure you test your CTAs as well.

Why test your CTAs?

Simply to see what works best with your target.
For the most reliable evaluation, we recommend that you vary only one parameter at a time.
You can, for example, change only the CTA text or try two different locations.


CTAs remain essential elements in the conversion of visitors into prospects and prospects into customers.
The challenge is to know how to insert them intelligently, working as much on the form as on the content and staying in line with the core of your message.

It’s up to you!


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