Cross-selling & Smart Content on site

The successful product of extensive R&D, our unique Cross-selling & Smart Content on site functionalities analyze a set of information related to your catalogue and your customers so that you can offer them personalized recommendations tailored to their profile!

Cross-selling &  Smart Content on site Cross-selling &  Smart Content on site

See Cross-selling on site in all your campaigns!

Our Cross-selling functionality is available with most of our channels to allow you to vary your campaigns & boost your performance by integrating relevant content.

Easily integrated using a drag and drop system, you can find our cross-selling option in our Email, Facebook and Pop-up editors as well as in our Smart Content on site editor.

Retrouvez le Cross-selling on site on site dans l’ensemble de vos campagnes

Include over 14 different cross-selling engines!

In addition to cross-selling, our multi-channel editors allow you to include a wide choice of product categories suitable for your strategies.

Bestsellers from your catalogue, reminder of products from the basket, new products, best sellers from the last category consulted.....
Insert your product categories with just one click, & vary your communication!

Do you want to highlight certain products more than others?
Choose your products yourself using our manual selection function!

Intégrez plus de 14 moteurs de  cross-selling différents

Personalize your site with Smart Content on site!

Using an ingenious integration system, you can easily insert a large number of functionalities directly into your e-commerce site.
List of products including cross-selling, discount voucher, registration form, social networks link, call to action button, specific message - easily include the elements you choose using a drag and drop system.

For maximum efficiency, also include the Facebook Messenger widget and significantly increase your acquisition or retention rate.

Finally, our editor also enables you to customize your functionalities with your shop's brand colors in order to remain consistent with your graphic charter.
Communicate intelligently with your customers & boost your results thanks to a new and improved e-marketing strategy!

Personnalisez votre site grâce au Smart Content on site

Create highly personalized product selections!

Our editor allows you to create highly customized product selections using an smart system of advanced filters.
This gives you the possibility of excluding a product, a product category or a particular brand.

Using ShopiMind, you can create product recommendations easily without having to import your data or visuals.
Our system synchronizes with your shop, to directly integrate your product recommendations thanks to a powerful algorithm and can propose the complementary product most likely to please your customers.

Boost your average basket & your turnover with an smart customized tool!

Bénéficiez d’une segmentation intelligente directement sur votre site

See the benefits of smart segmentation directly on your site!

Using Smart Content on site, personalize your messages based on your target audience by choosing to display different site elements for each selected segment.

For example, choose to display a discount only for your best customers or to display a form only for your anonymous visitors.
It is also possible to configure the duration of your elements' appearances.

Make each customer unique by testing a large number of strategies simply, quickly and without long-drawn-out development!

 Mesurez vos résultats & testez  différentes stratégies

Measure your results & test different strategies!

Check the results of your Cross-selling & Smart Content campaigns on site thanks to a comprehensive dashboard.

Number of clicks, sales upticks and turnover generated - analyze your figures in 2 clicks
Ranked from best to least sold, including access to the number of products resulting from your cross-selling strategies.

Are the results are not up to your expectations?
Test several different campaigns at the same time using A/B testing!

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