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Include Facebook Messenger in your automated campaigns and boost your Acquisition & Conversion rates!
Powerful & modern, our Facebook Messenger functionality now complements our service offering to help you generate more revenue and improve your customer relationship.

Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger

Try out ultra-customizable messages!

Similar to our other features, our Facebook Messenger editor is easy to use, intuitive and gives you the freedom to customize your messages.

Customization is one of the pillars of a successful e-commerce strategy, which is why it is widely used at ShopiMind.

You can easily include a wide range of elements to adapt your messages based on your target: visuals, coupons, variables, product list, etc.

Reduce your number of abandoned baskets with Messenger!

To enable you to carry out a global strategy & boost your performance, we can offer a way of re-launching customers who have abandoned a basket directly via Facebook Messenger.

Insert your basket reminders with just 1 click using our drag and drop editor.

Synchronized with your shop and designed using unique algorithms, our system automatically includes the products in your customers' shopping baskets and offers you a wide range of customization options (text colors, product layout, etc.).

Retarget your anonymous visitors thanks to Facebook Messenger!

Tired of visitors visiting your site and you know nothing about them?
Include Facebook Messenger in your automated campaigns & win over your phantom prospects!

Visiting a site without buying, abandoned shopping cart, a customer registering without buying - retargeting effectively addresses many of your customer issues.
Add Facebook Messenger to your email retargeting strategy & boost your Retention rate!

Keep a close relationship with your customers!

Communicate more effectively by creating a unique close relationship with your customers!

Intelligent & intuitive, our Facebook Messenger chat widget offers you several customization options such as configuring the messaging button in your shop's brand colors, and the style of the widget.

Whether it is questions relating to an order, a payment problem or product return process, your customers' questions will come up again and again, & require quick answers.
Be responsive and connected thanks to our Facebook Messenger chat widget!

Optimize your performance by analyzing your statistics!

As with all of our features, our Facebook Messenger tool includes a complete dashboard where you can find all of your statistics.

You will find opening rates, sales made and also the turnover obtained!

And thanks to our A/B test tool, you can compare your performance in real time and determine the most effective strategy.

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