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ShopiMind offers you a complete range of ultra-customisable & innovative features ideal for all your marketing and transactional campaigns.

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Icon Automatisation Marketing


The flagship feature of our solution, the automated scenario editor allows you to design an infinite number of campaigns.

Combine Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Display & Push Notifications to boost your performance!

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Automatisation Marketing

Icon NewsLetter


Exclusively dedicated to e-merchants, our newsletter is constantly updated, to offer you ever more innovative and intuitive design, customization and segmentation options.

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Icon SMS & Push Notification

SMS & Push Notification

With a read rate close to 100%, SMS and Push Notification are powerful tools that enable you to drive your marketing & transactional strategies.

Discover our SMS & Push editors and personalize your campaigns with a wide range of unique features!

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SMS & Push Notification

Icon Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Powerful & modern, Facebook Messenger enables a smart diversification of your e-commerce strategies.

Our tool has many exclusive customization options such as advanced segmentation, smart product listings, and much more!

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Facebook Messenger

Icon Pop-up intelligentes

Smart pop-ups

Forget everything you know about pop-ups!

ShopiMind has brought the pop-up right up to date, to offer you a whole range of advanced features designed to meet all your goals.

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Pop-up intelligentes

Icon Cross Selling & Smart Content on site

Cross-selling & Smart Content on site

One of the most innovative features of ShopiMind is the personalized recommendation functionality that enables you to reach your customers more effectively.

Design your campaigns and let our smart algorithms help you win over your customers!

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Cross Selling & Smart Content on site

Icon Suivi & Statistique

Monitoring & Statistics

It's not just numbers - ShopiMind statistics provide you with a complete range of essential data to efficiently optimize your performance!

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Suivi & Statistique

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