A human-sized team offering customized support!


A dedicated team

ShopiMind is not only a multi-channel marketing solution, it is also and above all a team that is available and reactive by phone, email or via a ticket system.

In particular, you can receive across the board daily support and a range of tailor-made advice as soon as you join our M. offering.

Got a technical question? Question about the right time to send a campaign?
Our team is available to answer all your questions.

With 6 years of experience, our team will support you effectively through all the stages of designing your e-commerce strategies, and help you optimize your results.

A dedicated team

Optimal deliverability

Choosing ShopiMind will assure you of a complete solution allowing you to centralize, analyze and optimize your e-commerce campaigns.
Details of the partner program

Who is our partner program aimed at?
Enjoy optimal deliverability of more than 98%!
Our program is aimed at all e-commerce specialists: web agencies (developers, webmasters, marketing managers), marketing/e-commerce consultants, service providers, bloggers and influencers, etc.

We offer you a range of tailor-made services.
In particular, you can improve your e-reputation & optimize your mailings with a dedicated IP (subscription offer M).

Optimal deliverability

Innovation is part of ShopiMind's identity

At ShopiMind, our R&D teams work tirelessly to offer you ever more innovative features.

To meet your needs as well as the challenges of the e-commerce market, our teams combine technology market knowledge with technical development to offer you powerful tools perfect for your needs.

Innovation is part of ShopiMind's identity

Comprehensive and tailor-made offers

With ShopiMind, enjoy a range of offers suitable for your industry & your goals!

Our USP?
With ShopiMind, whatever offer you choose, you will benefit from all our innovative features to roll out your e-commerce strategies in the best possible way.

All our offers are non-binding & you can leave at any time.

Comprehensive and tailor-made offers

They put their trust in us


E-commerce Manager at Coco Papaya

"We've been using ShopiMind for 2 years now. We chose this solution for its powerful follow up system. The tool is so easy to use and centralizes our marketing campaigns within one same tool, which is very convenient. ShopiMind makes it easier to dispatch our sales operations and promote our new products. I would totally recommend ShopiMind, in fact I just did !"

Rodolphe Ricard

Acquisition Manager

"After a benchmark Shopimind seemed to be the solution that met the majority of our needs in terms of marketing automation with a minimum of technical implementation. The solution enables me to better target my marketing messages, to offer promotions at the right time and so to improve my turnover".

Caroline Valton


"We chose ShopiMind for its ease of installation and use. The solution allows us to build web marketing campaigns in a very precise and above all personalised way, all quite intuitively. Also, the customer service is great and very responsive. I often get the answer I need within minutes of asking my question, and it is always a relevant (and reassuring!) answer."

Sylvain Cabaret

SEO & Web-Marketing Consultant

"As a former e-merchant, I have been working with ShopiMind for 4 years now. I initially wanted to add additional services to my catalogue of web services. In my opinion, ShopiMind is the most complete solution in the marketplace, offering the best value for money. For my clients, using this solution allows them to have a new approach"

Matthieu MAUREL

E-Commerce Manager

"Shopimind offers real solutions to increase your shop's turnover, and it has worked very well for years with Shilton. From the easy-to-edit newsletters to the numerous automated reminders, we have a great solution with a very good ROI, calculated using very precise statistics".

Emmanuel Marot

E-Commerce Director

"We were looking for a loyalty and acquisition tool for our site. Shopimind perfectly meets our expectations thanks to the different scenarios offered and also thanks to a seamless link with Prestashop".

Cédric Torez


"After more than 10 years in e-commerce, we used a lot of softwares. And we chose Shopimind because it makes it possible to do a lot of things: newsletter, marketing automation, product recommendation, etc. Everything is combined into one tool. Moreover, it's very easy to use, the support is very reactive and the tool is in several languages."

Pauline Calvo

E-commerce Project Manager

"ShopiMind appeared to us to be the most relevant in terms of the quality/price ratio. We were also impressed by its ease of use, and especially by the support provided by the ShopiMind teams. Thanks to the tool, we were able to set up about ten campaigns, such as cart abandonment, product interest, and loyalty rewards. All of these campaigns allowed us to increase our sales and convert more customers"

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